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About Us
Necessity is the Mother of invention. This adage was the beginning of Morphoplex. Coming out of a need by its originator, Morphoplex was a result of a long process that was initiated to help ease physical pains and symptoms of illness that had been a fact of his everyday life. The original Morphoplex XTREME is a safe, natural, and sure method of using the body's own defenses to heal. And it WORKS!

Encouraged by the success of this first product, The Originator Rich Dickerson set out to work on and solve other physical problems also using safe ingredients aimed at attacking a particular problem. The results of this process have given birth to Morphoplex Joint Relief, Morphoplex Fat Burner, and Morphoplex Massive. Each product choice comes from a desire to help those close to him (and others) to enjoy a more satisfying and productive lifestyle free from pain and suffering without reverting to those prescription drugs that become harmful after extended use, as well as, addictive.

Dickerson's mother-in-law suffered from severe knee pain and his grandmother extreme pain from arthritis. Through much research, he was able to formulate another safe and natural product, Morphoplex Joint Relief. Morphoplex Joint Relief comes from all natural ingredients which, in their specific combination, results in the definite easing of arthritic and joint pain.

Morphoplex Fat Burner
is yet another product that initially came into being by the Originator's desire to help people close to him. Obesity, at one point or another, is something that 57% of humans have a problem with and are continually challenged by. Fat Burner helps to do just that, burn fat. It does not take the user to the extreme of dieting and exercise. Eating normally and minimal exercise will result in significant loss of weight without the dangers that are connected to diet pills. Using all natural ingredients, Morphoplex Fat Burner will result in a definite, yet safe, loss of weight.

Finally, Morphoplex Massive was created to fill a need by athletes and others to pump up. Massive is a safe, non-steroidal product that can be used by anyone without the harmful effects of steroids or HGH (Human Growth Hormones), but with the same results.

This is just the beginning of the company, Morphoplex. More is to come.

A Fateful Encounter
Our story begins with Philip Spellman who felt, for once in his life, that he was in the right place at the right time. While vacationing in Florida with his family, he was having lunch at a restaurant.  Later in the day, as he and his family were headed back up to their hotel room, who should they run into in the elevator but the founder Rich Dickerson. Dickerson gave him a brief testimonial about the benefits of Morphoplex Xtreme and offered him two sample bottles.
Still Skeptical
A true skeptic, the Morphoplex went unused, sitting in his medicine cabinet for months. However, after reaching a frustratingly impassible plateau and receiving very little gains regardless of how much he worked out, he decided to add Morphoplex Xtreme to his routine. Well, several years and several thousand reps later, our owner and all of our satisfied customers are enjoying unprecedented gains in strength, size, and stamina, while reducing body fat.

Then & Now
That was 2 years ago, and now he is the President of Operations for the Northeast Region for Morphoplex, which is currently expanding its operations by building a distribution center in Washington, DC. To learn more about energy boosters, weight loss supplements and our other entire supplement line-up, go to online store.

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